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  1. Per usual, upon returning to the game after a break, I have found a way forward. I have successfully learned how to trigger the crystals and run away before the mines explode. Gogo, super-squishy Shaper.
  2. Hmm. I always search whatever zones I enter thoroughly (barring Kazg at first due to the Tower Guard scaring me away), but I have left several zones completely unexplored. It must be time to start being more thorough, since I'm apparently missing some very important items. I need to find some of these spore batons, since my Mechanics and Leadership have been left at their starting values. I've pretty much spent all of my points on making the toughest, meanest magical creations possible. If it makes a difference, I'm struggling in Holding Two at the moment. It probably won't be as rough when I go back to it after a break; it never is as difficult as I remember it when I come back from a break caused by frustration. Thanks for the speedy reply, again. For such an old game, I really like how active the community is. I also purchased a few other Spiderweb titles after realizing how awesome GF1 was--Avernum: Escape from the Pit and Avadon. I suspect I'll be seeing equally helpful folks on those forums when I hit a brick wall due to noobishness and unwillingness to accidentally spoil something by looking through a FAQ.
  3. Thanks for the speedy reply. Well, I'm officially on the kill-on-sight list of the Takers (as a supporter of the Awakened, I'm okay with that), but I found the clue you referred to. I'm pushing my way into where I need to be going to find an Entry Baton, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the landmines. I'm very confident in my ability to handle any rogue creations--I've crossed every bridge I was told not to and fought my way out of Control Mind K*'s territory with only a couple casualties. But these mines.... Any tips on how to navigate minefields as a super-squishy Shaper?
  4. Hi! This is my first post. I bought the Geneforge series during the incredible-though-wallet-draining Steam summer sale, and I've been really enjoying Geneforge 1--it's incredibly addicting! After significant trouble clearing the abandoned school, I've had a fairly easy time traveling on whatever path I deemed best, but I seem to have hit a wall recently, and hope you knowledgeable folks can help out a noob. I'm a level 13 Shaper. I've put all of my points into Intelligence, Magic Shaping, and Healing. My crew consists of 3 Ghlaaki and 4 Vlish, all with +2 INT points each so I can control them, but no other bonuses. I fought my way up to the Control Mind that starts with a "K" (was put in charge by someone whose name starts with a "D"--super helpful, I know. Sorry). I was forced to fight my way out of its territory (EPIC battle, by the way! By a long shot the most intense fight I've had so far), and worked my way into West Gate. I cleared out the pesky Stealth Sholai, but am confronted by a locked door, the unlocking mechanism for which I do not have the key. I spent a few minutes on Google and discovered I need what is called an Entry Baton; however, I have no idea where to find one. Could one of you veterans point me towards an (the?) entry baton? Or is it best that I forge a different path? There are numerous unexplored locations on my map, but I've been so confident in my victories in battle that I've kept pushing north towards where I hope the Geneforge lies. I know I could take the time to explore each location, buuuuut that strikes me as tedious. So here I am.
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