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  1. Thanks Kreador. I'm glad to get that quest out of my journal. - S
  2. I've had the Ethridge's Ghosts quest hanging around forever and stop back occasionally to Ethridge in Bargha after killing lots of ghosts -- but still no conclusion to the quest. What do I need to do to finish it up? I'm at the beginning of the end game right now. Thanks --
  3. Just went back (through the 'front door' in Dhrol Stead after finally killing Salom) -- and lo & behold, Carsta'Ari *was* in the Throne rm. The glitch was probably due to me trying to sneak in the back way and not killing Salom and crew. Thanks to both of you for the tip on the conversation in the Throne rm this time too. -- back to the battle ...
  4. There's no one in the Throne room on this 2nd quest to Ogham. :{
  5. I'm on the Hunt for the Lord quest; back at OghamTor -- and Lady Antje is not in the garden in the northwest. I've looked all over the area available to me up to this point and can't seem to find her. Is this a glitch or am I missing something? I found in an early forum post to 'head northeast' - but the northeast area is still blocked by closed gates. The spoiler map shows Antje in the location where she first appeared - but if she's there, she's hiding from me very well ... Please help --- Susan
  6. Thanks! I knew I could count on someone to help. Worked like a charm -- the Wayfarer will be pleased :]
  7. I burned the Titan papers and I'm in Bandit Road & met up with the Wayfarer. But the only option I'm getting is "I didn't burn the papers." Luckily I saved just before meeting up with the Wayfarer, so I went back to Titan Peaks and doubled checked -- sure enough there's there's nothing but ashes in the chest. I played this through once before with the "I burned the papers" option but I got stuck in the Hideout, so I started again from an earlier save, in which I had the Shigaz Bandit quest but I didn't go there first - rather went and rescued Nathalie first to gain some exp. Is
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