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  1. Wow. Schedule-wise, crap just hit my fan. Well in any case as I'm typing this I'm finally checking out the source code. Sooooooooo which IDE? That one weird Bloodshed Dev C++ WxWidgets IDE I saw a while back or what?
  2. After playing SW games since I was about 9, eventually getting an account on the forums, afking out because school, doing other stuff for a long time, rejoining with a second account because reasons, making a fool of myself, becoming a programmer anyways, and again afking out because school, momentarily rejoining but then getting a summer job, and finally back again in 2013, I am here to say that I would love to program for you all. Just two things : 1. How do I SVN and compile and run the source code? 2. Sylae is best pony.
  3. Maybe the monsters could disable you from using bless or haste or something? I wonder how that would work out. Then you could have a reason for casting Avatar (besides that it does all of the above in one spell). Or maybe it would block all such spells and you'd have to cast Ice Bolt a lot or something. Honestly, what do you do with all those other spells? The only spells I ever need are : Avatar, Major Blessing, that one level 7 protection spell, and Quickfire. It's pretty hard to get rid of teh quickfire though. Stays forever. Can block it. I should try Quick Fire in DOOM MOON 2. Yes. That's what I'll do. Beware foolish dragons. Beware!
  4. There should be a way to mix daisychaining and non-summoning. I have an idea. What if when placing monsters there was a flag "allow summons to summon". Beyond the flag that checks to see if that monster was summoned. Hmm. Then you could have A-B-C instead of A-B-B-C or A-A-B-C or A-B-C-A (which is probably the deadliest). And I thank you for clarifying on what you meant by "sluggish". I still don't get the more interesting part. I do understand the webbing though : I had an uberbuff character (I love messing with the source code) with 50 of each stat (except for hp and sp which were 2500 and 1000 respectively). I ran into like 10 spiders only I got webbed. I literally could not do anything. It was over an hour before I could do anything, only I didn't know what to do. In the mean time, I did other stuff. I actually survived the combat and killed all the monsters. It took a really freaking long time though. Stupid webs...
  5. Considering the huge number of scenarios there are, modernizing the scenarios would take over 9000 years. Or some other ridiculously long amount of time. *i, please don't ban me for going against you and I a noob. Well, I actually do have more posts, but that's on Zalatar which kindof broke (password and password reset stopped working)
  6. Originally Posted By: Miramor - First of all: DON'T SWITCH THE VIEW TO VISIBLE MONSTERS WHENEVER THEY MOVE! This is the current default and it slows the game down hugely! ... - Currently having any Luck at all seems to make you about 25% death-resistant. I can see good and bad sides to this; for balance reasons though I'm not sure the probability of cheating death should ever go above 50%. ... And that's all for now. If you guys have any better ideas, please mention them... How doth it slows teh game hugely dwon? It shouldn't slow it down at all. Actually, I had lots of fun with the character editor and with 20 luck, you are about 100% death-resistant. I haven't tried with lower amounts of luck, but I could check with the source code. And what do you mean by it's sluggish and not-interesting-enough? Do you want like real-time full animations for each attack? Why don't we just switch to 3d graphics (not isometric) while we're at it? Or you could go play that one other game that I can't remember what it's called and it has the Shapers in it. I do have an idea. There should be custom fields. Actually, there should be a scripting language. The scripting language made it sooo much easier (aka ridiculously hard) to do stuff. Then you could have custom fields. And custom status effects. Heck, you could even make like a nuclear missile as a weapon and it would just make a MASSIVE explosion that does like over 9000 damage.
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    Oh, well, sorry then. I didn't know that threads were supposed to do that. I guess this is sortof like one of X's experiments then. I feel like such a noob now... i'ma go cry.
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    I repeat. Please. Stay. On. Traget. I misspelled traget on purpose, so as to catch your eye. Target! Now if you weren't caught by the traget now you've been caught by the target being spelled correctly. Is it possible to misspell X? XD XD XD XD (XD on XD which is for the XD) Anyways, I think that X should just be in an easter egg. Probably not part of the actual plot line. Maybe if someone were crazy or stupid enough (or both, like me) to make a thingymajigger of avernum/exile that continues X's story. Or maybe it could just be called X's story.
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    I'm kindof lost. Okay. so Lilith is a 'she', X has been almost totally forgotten here, there's a bunch of awesome mathematical and linguistic discussion, and idk what is going on, so I think we should bring this back into ow ow ow I'm ow trying to ow pull this threaow ow ow back on track. ow ow ow my arm ow My mentaow arm is being pulled owut of it's socket ow Okay. Phew. Back on track. X. I think that X should be found SOMEWHERE, if not in this game. Maybe in this game in an easter egg or something? *rubs mental arm* Back off track. I didn't even bother to read all 8 pages, I only read 1,2 and 8. So, I know that the people of this forum are even more awesome than I already thought you people were : you like math! (I think) Back ow on track. "I can't shake him!" "Stay on target." "I can't shake him!" "Stay on target." "AAAAAAA-" Back on track. PLEASE STAY ON TRAXCK.
  10. This is all very interesting. I like Thaluikhain's idea. After all, if you start out as undead, how did you BECOME undead in the first place? It's not a real race even : there could be undead humans and undead nephilim and undead "species name here". Heck, there could be undead squirrels. Maybe there could be an undead squirrel named meepus boink. Yeah. Bump! (wait. this thread doesn't need to be bumped...)
  11. Well, in that case, HOSE THE OLD SAVE FILES! I'm into Java much more than C++ now. Yeah. It would be a good idea. Imo. I'd totally work with you. If I have spare time. Which I do not. But it sounds like a good idea. Then again, I think a lot of ideas are good and the ideas either sink or quagmire. I'm not sure if that's a verb, but it gets the idea across. Hmrmh. Java would be easier. Or harder. Or both. Or all 3. Huh.
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