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  1. What is your preference?? Do you like the world to be connected as in A 4-6, Geneforge, and Avadon, or do you prefer to have a separate screen for the outdoors like A 1-3?? As for me, the one reason i am excited for the remakes is for this exact reason..
  2. AND IF THE MERCHANTS WOULD QUIT TAKING ALL THE INNS UP IN AVERNUM! haha. Course that would defeat the purpose of the healing upon entering a town thing. Personally i think its' more practical to pay for an inn. I heal and become rested when i sleep, but not when i immediately drive to town to go to the store.
  3. That's good. The dungeons can respawn and the outdoors is back. It may just be me but the return of the outdoors gave the game a sense of scale of the vastness of the world which was not present in the last triology. Plus wandering encounters never end so again, a limitless supply of things to fight.
  4. I remember seeing some monsters reappearing so i assumed they did respawn. In the first three games it was possible to respawn everything so i could literally kill Garzhad in AV2 ten times if i wanted to and didn't have to make a new party just to slay everything over again haha
  5. Just a quick question, So in the second triology if i am correct once you clean out all the dungeons you were pretty much through with the game, however, in the first triology you were able to use the much more powerful character editor to respawn the dungeons so there was literally an unlimited supply of creatures to kill. With Avernum Escape from the pit is there anyway to respawn the dungeons, or do the dungeons respawn over time?
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