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  1. Help please, I've killed every kitty up and downstairs. where is that necklace for the mayor!! Thanks
  2. Thanks! You always have the answers! Anndel
  3. Hi all! I have a focusing crystal in my special items, but have not run across anyone who wants this. Where can I unload this in G5? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know what you can use the scales you find lying around for? You can sell them-but thats about it. Also, can you use the green dried herbs for anything (not the swamp herbs, those you can trade in the rebel camp in GF4). Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know what is needed to get into the room past the granite wall? I have no idea what I need to get in. Thanks folks!
  6. Thanks folks! I appreciate the info.
  7. I heard you can get your creations to pick up items, if you leave a room. How can you do that without getting caught? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Tried to pull it up during game in a safe place, wouldn't come up, could you give me the commands again, and I will try it with the new 1.02 download. I will let you know after I try it again. Thanks!
  9. I am really new at this. How do I pull up the trainer? In the game? and where? Thanks for helping a complete novice.
  10. In a town I will return to often, I claim a bedroom and all all my stuff to one of the cabinets. With re-agents, I leave them at an anvil for convenience. When I get to another territory, I claim another, and bring my stuff to the new place. I find that suits my orderly nature!!
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