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  1. Im am so bored. I have posted so many new posts about why I cant download the editor. I wondered if i could get sent the editor, but it wont fit onto my email (dont ask pleaseeee) Could someone host it on their site and email me on Lets_hunt_orc@hotmail.com, if you know someone who will do this then please tell them! Thank you, you are all wonderful people.
  2. Please send it to: Lets_hunt_orc@hotmail.com to find out why I need this pleae read the 'can I have the boa scenario editor?" post in this forum.
  3. i f you have the read the '"cant download BOA scenario editor" in the tech support by me, then you will know that no matter what I do the editor downloadpage will not open!!! Can someone either set up the download on a different page (there must be a way), send me the editor it via email or sommat, or something else, thank you very much in advance!!!
  4. One thing I have noticed is that it says: "setting passive mode" when i load the page, what is this?
  5. When will it be less busy? I really want to download the editor, is there any other way or place to download it? If I buy the game will I get sent it on request?
  6. I cant seem to get onto the download page for the BOA scenario editor! I go to the link and a blank page always pops up saying "Unable to build data connection: Connection refused" Could someone please send me the editor at least if this cannotbe altered?!?
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