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  1. The computer is quite new, hence the AMD64 Venice Core @ 2GHz. I also have 2 gigs of RAM and SATA-disks, as well as a kick-ass GPU. I'm running Windows XP. I would guess it is an unpaused thread in the game that is causing this problem. However, it is most strange that no one else have reported this "bug" or whatever it is. I'll look into what might be the problem, it's probably software related since I notice the same sluggishness on my other (fairly new) computer. Good news though: For some reason, the sluggishness stopped somewhere in the first little Goblin Lair. Very strange.
  2. The demo version of Avernum 4 for Windows takes 99% of my 2GHz AMD64 Venice Core, rendering the game very sluggish. I've tried reinstallment of the game, as well as the latest nVidia drivers. What to do next?
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