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  1. As I noted on the other thread the game leaks like crazy if you have two displays and makes the game run at a crawl. After turning off my second display everything ran fine. If no fix is provided there should atleast be a warning if the game detects several active displays .
  2. Quote: Originally written by Red_Sage: I'd just like to point out that all games by their nature use ~100% of the CPU time because they are either using most resources exclusively when in focus and even when idle, run a nonterminating main loop. Hence the CPU usage. Not a bad thing. The CPU usage is likely unrelated to your problem. Not all games. Decently developed ones cap the framerate and sleep inbetween finishing one frame and starting the next if there is spare time in between. Granted most games just take every cpu cycle they can get and if you want them to cooperate with other apps you need to drop their priority.
  3. I had an issue of the game running incredibly slow on the character stats window and dialog screens while having random slow downs during the game. I checked the task manager and it seemed the game was constantly sucking up more memory. I killed the game when it had over 100MBs of RAM allocated . Then I turned off my second display and tried again and everything ran fine. So I'm guessing the game doesn't handle several displays right and leaks memory like crazy if you have more than one display set up. Not sure if it is your problem but if you have more than one display set up turn off all but one when running the game.
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