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  1. Entered Pentil from the south by running past the vlish with all Speed. Broke the siege to the west without help and then told Chesh. Became an Obeyer but somehow never managed to enter Pentil from the north. I always entered on the east so as to use the merchants. Eventually I used Darian to switch to the Awakened for the stat boost and a language lesson. Figured what the heck I'll sack the entire town and sell the contents to some tinker. Killed everyone I could find in the town, began carrying the items to the tinker to sell them. I happened to enter from the north, and here comes Chesh, thanking me and telling me "Everyone in the town is glad I'm here" So I killed him and took his plebe stuff (dagger, sandals, robe, 5 coins). Came back entering from the north and here he comes again trying to thank me. Result: Chesh emulates South Park's Kenny in a Groundhog Day perpetual bloodbath and I become Sucia Island's finest haberdasher.
  2. I just tried using Unlock and it worked from quite a distance on every crystal in range. I was trapped and it saved me.
  3. My Guardians and Agents had no problems entering or leaving the Ruined School. But when I tried to bring a Shaper in there with 7 fyoras, the game would not let me enter. If I try to travel from any green square to the Ruined School, the game goes into its load process as normal, but then it sends me back to the travel screen with the triangular arrow pointing back to the Bandit Woods. Traveling back to the Woods also fails, I must travel back to a square farther away, like Vakkiri. Yes, I have the latest patch. Yes, I cleared the Bandit Woods and they are green on the Travel screen. Yes, I tried changing my formation. Yes, I deleted all the saved games (argh) and uninstalled everything, reinstalled, and the problem recurred. What finally worked: I absorbed all my fyoras (some had multiple levels), recharged my essence, and travelled in alone. Then I recreated my posse inside the school. Yes, its a bug. I'm playing the demo, but I don't want to buy the game if this bug is in the full version. I mean, I can work around it if it only happens at the Ruined School, but what if it happens in a tough area late in the game and I have invested much experience in my creations? I would lose that experience. Recreating the bug: I had 7 fyoras and I had my Shaper as 8th in the formation. Usually I used a line formation but sometimes box and T-shape were used.
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