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  1. well thats nice to know atleast. thank you Kelandon
  2. what do u mean details? u mean like the address and what not that I gave before? good lord... wish me luck then... I could give the cred card... but thats about it...
  3. Before I start, this is not so much a "Tech" problem that was made on the game but more so on my machine. I just want to clarify this Anyways, my problem is this; about a week ago, my computer was corrupted by a malicious virus. I actually wasnt able to purge it on my own, and as such, we had to take the computer to the local electronics store. anyways, they said that they had to wipe the entire drive, as it had infected so many key files on my computer. long story short they wiped my drive and everything on it. Now what I was wondering, is what can be done about my registered Geneforge 2. I mean, i can reload 95% of everything else back onto my computer in about an hour but not geneforge 2.... do I have to re-buy the game? because that would just suck, or do i download it... and hope for the best from the head honchos here.... or... what? Thats my problem, and i was wondering if anyone could help... PS: I know this probably isint the right spot for this topic, but i tried to put it in the right place from the descriptions of the forums... sorry...
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