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  1. So I erm accessed nefariousness but I don't get what I do now! How do I move my party a few squares left or right etc?
  2. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: It might be possible to salvage the situation using, uh, nefarious means which we're not really supposed to talk about on these forums. Can you tell me where I could find out about these "nefarious" means?
  3. Oh my god help! ok I'll explain as best i can. I'm in the keep of tinyara and I'm following a walkthrough. I haven't ended the golems because it was WAY too hard. I got captured and sent out my fave cleric (mildred) and set everyone free. Then I realised that I didn't have the Thought Crystal! So I went and got it and came back. Then I got captured again and now i'm stuck in the cell!! The special won't activate so I can send one person through and free the rest like I did before. Have I broken my game? Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix it? HELP! Emma.
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