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  1. i finished the slimes and the roaches, and killed elhiok. but i'm a little too weak for the giants, so, where should i go now and i what should i do to get strong enough? thanks
  2. archery helps me alot against spell casters, and poisoned arrows are great. what i do against mages and priests is cast fear or dumbfound on them and then poison them with an arrow, this does huge amount of damage. and i only have one archer.
  3. sure, but i'm very low on money and got no arrows at all, so i don't have much choice
  4. hey, can anyone tell me where i can find a fletcher that sells normal arrows (i mean not iron or stuff like that)?
  5. i can't get into the room of the alien slime, i destroyed a couple of pools allready, but apparently i still need one more. but i can't find it! i searched for hours but found nothing, can anyone help? thanks
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