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  1. It seems to me that the Avernum 3 experience system match’s quite closely to the Exile system, while Avernum 1 and 2 use a more randomized approach. So what happens if in Avernum 1 or 2 you take only a disadvantage? Do you get a chance of gaining an experience point twice, are you given extra experience, or something else?
  2. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: Natural Mage only gives a tiny bonus to spellcasting anyway. At level 1 it's significant, but it doesn't increase as you gain levels. (Note: this is based on my testing of the Natural Mage trait in BoA, but it probably works the same way in the series Avernums.) I choose Natural Mage not for the bonus but because it allows you to cast even when wearing the better types of armor. Since as a singleton everyone is going to be aiming at me, good and great armor becomes a necessity.
  3. I’ve looked around the forums for an explanation but I didn’t find a clear explanation. So I was wondering if someone could sum up how experience works for each of the Avernum games. Since from what I’ve seen it is different for each one.
  4. What traits do you recommend for a solo character? I think an obvious one would be Natural Mage but I can’t decide if I should use Elite Warrior or Divinely Touched. Suggestions Opinions???
  5. Putting my PC in compatibility mode helps some but it still occasionally freezes. It seems strange that Exile works better on my new computer but Avernum just refuses to cooperate at all.
  6. Loophole bug On occasion when I long wait with monsters nearby it says you can’t with monsters nearby. But it still thinks I’m in combat mode on gives me combat spells. When I go into town it still acts like I’ am in combat mode only closing and opening the game fixes it.
  7. If you’re outdoors and there monsters nearby the can long wait (ctrl+w) without entering combat and still regain some HP and MP. At the beginning of the game this can be a great way to get lots of monsters nearby to fight. In E2 when I went with a single character this allowed me to get enough MP to be able to win. If you’re next to a city when doing this after you level up you can just walk in and train. Out of curiosity is this a bug, glitch, or just really convenient loophole.
  8. I’ve tried redownloading the demo but this hasn’t worked. I don’t that was the problem since I have this problem with all three games. I have also tried changing and not changing the screen resolution and it has had no effect. By the way I got Windows XP Home.
  9. I play solo with the name Atropos. Atropos is a greek semi-god, he determines when you die possibly for the gods as well. Fits with my characters abilities .
  10. Darn I guess i'll just have to wait.
  11. I am replaying Exile 2 and while exploring north or Formelo I found a city protected by walls and water halfway between Moltrax’s cave and a fire lizard cave(north of Moltrax). I’ve searched all the walls but can’t find any way in . Does anyone know how to get in and whats in the city .
  12. I was considering getting Avernum since I loved Exile but after I downloaded the games I couldn’t get any of them to work. I’ve tried redownloading them but to no avail. I have tried changing the screen resolution change option but that hasn’t worked ether. What happens is when I try to change my graphic in the character creation area the game freezes. It also freezes whenever I close a pop up box during game play. So I haven’t been able to play at all (a real bummer ). My computer dell demission 2400 Intel CPU 2.66 (AMD is better ) Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Integrated graphics with 3d support Seagate 160GB Any suggestions would be welcome.
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