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  1. Once again, I have no idea how to open the gate. This time I looked thoroughly for levers, so I really have no idea. Incidentally... My melee characters are at 16 blademaster and I haven't trained it once. Thanks. I hadn't found anything the first time I looked around there... Maybe I'll get luckier this time.
  2. I got the emerald chestguard, but I don't remember a tough fight for it.... It was quite a bit back, too. It is definitely worth getting btw...
  3. Hmm... I do command-tab out quite often. I guess that could be causing it..... But I've never gotten the reboot screen thing. Closest I've gotten was a strange bunch of gibberish appearing wherever my mouse is.
  4. First off my specs: 1.25 GHz G4 256 MB SDRAM eMac first generation Basically, once I started playing A4, the computer would crash completely (you can only hard reboot with the power button) every three hours or so while playing. It wouldn't crash when I wasn't playing. At a random point, the screen gets scrambled and a few seconds later the computer gets completely frozen, ignoring keyboard and mouse. Anyone else had this problem? I'm curious, as it seems to have affected my system as well. Whenever I do a large download outside of safe mode, the computer has the same thing happen to it. I'm not completely sure the game is causing it, maybe the fact that it takes up 90% of my CPU during play has something to do with it. Either way, I need to get this fixed.
  5. Ok... I'm in the second floor of the tower, and the gate is closed in front of me... It's probably something obvious, but how do I open it? Edit: Ah, that's what it is. I'd killed everything and found the room, I just didn't see the lever.
  6. 184 days. I took the fast route of shaper with nothing but intelligence and lots of money.
  7. I'll keep that in mind. I'm trying to take an island a day, and I just got to Gull. Incidentally, is it normal to be level 27 at the start of gull island?
  8. Anyone else have an obsessive compulsion to finish every last area of every island? I'm now on Gull Island and all the ones I've been to so far have been completely cleared. (Ah, the joys of 16 Intelligence.) My shaper always ends up insanely powerful with lots of leadership and mechanics. It's hilarious when my drayk with fully upgraded dexterity and strength goes at it. (Warped Spawner misses (0%)) I'm a one creation kinda guy. At least, until my intelligence hits 20, anyway.
  9. And, if you don't like doing it in attack mode, you can just run in, open the door, close the door behind you, and leave when the guard is gone. Heh, I stole every single thing in their suite, enhanced the items, and now I'm unstoppable. Maybe that'll change on Gull Island....
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