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  1. I used cheats only in dire situations. Of course, the definition of "dire situation" changed depending on what kind of situation I was actually in...
  2. Oh! Thanks, Dahak! Why is that, by the way? (I don't know much about normal coding protocol.)
  3. What must have happened was that I never OPENED a set of parentheses earlier, since it says "Missing (". Thanks, now that I know not to trust the line numbers I should be able to find the problem.
  4. In the scenario I'm working on, one of the things that happens in the first outdoor section is that the party can go over a small, outdoor cave terrain, which gives them some gold. The script for this part looks like this: beginstate 16; reset_dialog(); if (get_flag(200,6) == 1) end; message_dialog("Oddly, you find an abandoned cave. In the center of the small cavern there is a pentagram engraved on the floor and 5 sacks of gold. You make off with the gold, probably courtesy of an evil wizard somewhere. He's probably going to kill you someday.","Oh well."); set_flag(200,6,1); change_coins (1 * 200); break; The script works fine for when I first go over the cave, but if I run the party over the terrain square again, I get this message: o00Northwest Error: Missing ( in Line 84. Line 84 of the entire o00Northwest.txt script is highlighted here, in an encounter script: beginstate 14; reset_dialog(); if (get_flag(200,4) == 1) end; message_dialog("Tsigardia is known for its large variety of wild animals, some of them dangerous. You encounter a group of these- a pack of wolves. Wolves don't usually attack humans, but this pack must be unusually hungry.","It looks like these animals are the dangerous kind."); set_flag(200,4,1); break; The bold text is Line 84 of the file. This doesn't seem to be related in any way to the cave script... What's going on? Any help is appreciated.
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