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  1. i put that question in to get an answer, here im using correct grammar. but thats not the point i put the message in to help me then it turned into an english class
  2. wats in the bunker and how long do i hav 2 b in the game? can i do it with the un-registered version
  3. hey, in E3 does ne 1 no wats in the new cotra building, that backs onto the water. its a marone building in the north west corner and asp (friendly brigand) tells ya about it. plz help
  4. hi all, my guys keep gettin disease 4 sum funny reason, i was wondering if ne 1 knows how it sez sumthing about nausea and hair falling out, im on day 120 at time of submitting this topic. can u plz help me?
  5. in north eastern upper exile there is a maze that is pointless.....(or is it?) thats wat im asking all of u guys, does ne1 no wat its 4
  6. i also, like spring have the unreg. version, can some pplz tell me how much it retails 4 in usa, i liv in western australia
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