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  1. Yeah, okay, so perhaps not so dramatic, but still... I've tried "everything" (in quotes, because I probably haven't but this is a plea, so nyeh) and I just need some kind of "you sillyhead" noogie or "oh, here's how..." reassurance or something... But there's really no way to combine items manually, is there? The 24-item limit is driving me insane as my packmule (also known as my mage/priest hybrid) is hoarding a lot of energy/healing potions, but they all say "(1)" next to them to indicate how many times they could be used and I just want to DO something to just combine them all into a compact compilation, like Darts(60) or something. I suppose I could abuse my Editor and tweak my Gold so I can buy fewer Strong Energy/Healing potions instead of a mass of weak ones. (I'm starting over, and their beginner point values haven't gotten too drastic.) But I want to use it sparsely, only having done it once to get my lovely equipment. /new to the community and hoping that I haven't made a fool of myself already
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