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  1. On the same page you downloaded the game from there are icons that go to "upgrades and support". Instructions are there with for either mac or windows. I'd give a link if you had said which game you are losing.
  2. The tutorial contained in the download at http://www.avernum.com/blades/scen_workshop.html installed itself to my temp files here. Maybe running a search on BoA Editor Docs v1* will help.
  3. The uncertainty does seem common. Since the games/engines are available in the 2 forms it is not unreasonable for new blades players to suspect that they will be impacted. It might be nice to also make sure it is very clear at Alexandria and The Lyceum. [EDIT] Looking at the page for BoA the scenario download are broken down into the 2 versions. So perhaps a note there on how to do graphics conversions would help as well as a sticky in the BoA/BoE forums.
  4. sent. best of luck to you. i did not rename the .exe so your antivirus may question it.
  5. i can try emailing it to you. message me your addy and which OS version you need.
  6. Keep working on getting through the forest. Some travel will be diagonal. Using a windows OS I found that watching the minimap was most effective in forests to determine possible pathways.
  7. Stoats (Mustela erminea) are in the same family as weasels, wolverines, mink, badgers and otters. When in their winter white form they are called ermine. Their class is Carnivora (They are just cute enough to look like a rodent which they eat.) http://www.fact-index.com/s/st/stoat.html sorry, clarification: the less fancy name for Mustela is in fact weasel. The Family weasel includes the Subfamilies weasel and a bunch of others. So it could be called a weasel but is not what is generally concidered a weasel. (Have I made this clear as mud yet?)
  8. If you mean the Madhouse Brigands in the Honeycombs in Avernum/Exile 2 this walkthrough for Av2 may assist http://www.geocities.com/zeviz1/ Good luck Glorie.
  9. ummm, nope. all seems well here. i assume you are trying to use the 3.3MB patch at the bottom of this page http://www.avernum.com/blades/techsupp.html have you confirmed that the version you are trying to update is in fact the old v1.0 and not the already updated v1.0.1? at worst concider downloading the current version from the list of sites. http://www.avernum.com/blades/index.html at what point are you getting the error message?
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