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  1. If you don't mind waiting I'm still working on the new one. I still need to make new dialogue and fix the code stuff.
  2. I don't think I will buy BOA for a long time if ever. I've spend quite a lot of money buying BOE already you see and I don't see BOA as a vast improvement to BOA. The selling point is they will give a discount for BOA because I have purchased BOE. From from I've heard now, BOE scenarios are not at all easy to transfer to BOA. To address the there are too many scenarios issue: I feel nobody will play them all but choose based on reviews what kind of game they like. I say right up front what kind of game I'm aiming for on my webpage so interested players know before they download and play it.
  3. I will be resubmitting my game in two-three weeks to here. This should give everyone who is so inclined the chance to comment on it. As before, I'd love to get someone else to play test for me if possible.
  4. Can someone help me figure out why my BOE game/ scenario only runs smoothly on mac computers?. I keep getting "your game is buggy" and I don't know what's up.
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