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  1. rubies and golem gems have no use.they can be sold for quite a bit though
  2. Well Rentar Ihnro in a/e3 says the sunlight is painful for them!you would have to do night time missions!
  3. Quote: Originally written by Archmagi Micael: Dragons??? Dragons??? Those THINGS are; a) Damned Arrogant Damned Stupid c) Just plain annoying d) Powerful to fight e) UGLY f) Greedy g) Won't share any of their knowledge h) Anything I missed out??? - Draconian creatures can be the savior or the destroyer of magical research. Avoid them at all costs a) & :thats more you than them! c):only when they are nasty to gits like you d):they need to be strong! e):no they are not!but you are f):its just treasuer they've found/earned.so YOU not them are greedy! g):khoth gives you knowledge (spells) in a/e3 h).....
  4. its a drakon with no sense of smell that is wearing old socks! they smell so bad that they kill anything near them!
  5. ^no you are you fag -imban:fun you can have with that name?hmmmm....... -imbandon?:oh shut up fag death nodes?all attempts to make one have failed.mages are just people who get drunk,try to do magic and end up setting fire to themselves! and hiding behind horses and firing would not work.the emeny could just stay out of range. so alien beasts would win f word f word asses
  6. ^STFU my sliths are NOT bossed around by gay exiles instant death things?will never exist.the game would be to F word easy arcing the arrows over horses?thos wouldn't hit the emeny.they'd fly like 1cm virus?yes this virus would make it so everytime some one loads in a game or saves the game or uses the gay editor 999999999999999999999999 alien beasts appear (and the saved game/editor wouldn't work) HA I WIN DUDE
  7. ^stupid moron how about all races v exiles? they would lose and put a virus in the editor and saved games!
  8. ^as if...... it is impossible to MAKE a horse.and you can't fight on one.Arrows fired from behind dumb stupid horses would hit the horses. Plus my sliths/neilphim ride horses daily so I invited you to.... KISS MY ASS!!!!!!(or my wand)
  9. no thx ALIEN BEASTS would obviously win....I mean they're more than a load of angry,mutated wolf..They're smarter than you think... so there
  10. ok my alien beasts will live in a cave and they will eat Custer for tea
  11. Custer horses aren't invunreable all you need is a dagger in the neck to kill them A vahnatai lord could kill it easily Chance of dieing Battle=Horse vs Vahnatai lord Horse=100% Vahnatai lord=0% so take that idiot
  12. ALIEN BEASTS!!!!!! I mean a horse is quite fast and virtually helpless Alien beasts are just as fast and very deadly...which one would you prefer??? ALIEN BEASTS OF COURSE!!!! They will be armored with mithril breastplate I will have a lance! and I shall kill those Vanahti in their sleep!
  13. Quote: Originally written by Publicly Displayed Name:: Improvements: 1. Fire Creations need more power. Getting hit by a giant fireball spewed by a 20-foot tall dragon is supposed to hurt more than getting stared at by some freakishly large eyeball. 2. Make Eyebeasts weaker! The game doesn't need a high-damage, stunning Aura of Flames. 1.being killed by the phsycic power of a gazer/eyebeast is ment to hurt more thank being stomped on by some stupid lizard. I mean Eyebeast are waaaaaaaaay more powerful than ur-drakons.....and cheaper 2.it does.
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