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  1. ummm... they do NOT get an extra point to weapon skills. Nephil gets: 2+point to DEX or was it 1 point can't remember Slith gets: 2+ to STR 1+ to INT that's it. the missile or Pole weapon extra has to be an invisible stat - because I don't see any other changes after you create a char. Is it wise to make your mages/priests a slith since they get an extra INT for free? (plus don't have to spend a lot of points in STR) it seems to me after some experimenting that the human mage who is a few levels higher than the slith mage due to teh fact he levels faster is better overall anyway, this makes me think that the ideal character is a human with no abilities (not even the spell improvement trait) since levels are more important than any traits or skills?
  2. It says in the game that starting out as a Nephilim (the cat race) gives your char a bonus to missile weapons - does this include bows? or is it only for daggers, darts etc? Is it true that you can't put poison on missile weapons? How bout the mage spell poison weapon? Does that work when missile weapons are equipped? Anyone know what exactly this "bonus" does? How much of a "bonus" is it compared to a human using missile weapons? How bout the Slith Pole Weapon Bonus? Does ambidextrousness help with 2-handed weapons or is it useless for that purpose?
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