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  1. I really appreciate the replies. Thanks. But I should have been clearer - I have finished the Ruined Hall, and while travelling to Vanarium I just kind of realized my party can't fight the monsters or do any of the quests on the way there. It's not my combat strategy, it's just that my characters are too low level to really kill anything, or to avoid being killed.
  2. Hi all, so I have been playing N:R (fantastic game btw), but I am quite annoyed. I play the Romans and my party sucks. Pretty much the only quest I have completed is the very beginning Mines one. I have a whole list of quests and have half/quarter searched some dungeons because my guys are just so inexperienced I can't kill anything. I am annoyed because I can't find a dungeon suitable to my skill level (all my chars are about lvl 6 or seven if I remember). I DO NOT want to resort to using the character editor, because I think it's silly that in order to progress so early I need to use that. It takes the fun away. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? Where can I go, what quests are good for a rather newbie party? Thanks in advance.
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