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  1. If you reinstall Overrun 1.01 onto the updated v1.02 of the base game, most things will work fine, but some of the fixes in v1.02 won't be present. I should have Overrun v1.02 out either today or tomorrow.
  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the quality of life mods! Some of these gripes I understand. Some I think are harder to sympathize with, either because you've cherry-picked one non-representative example out of a massive game (1 fetch quest out of something like 60 non-fetch quests), or because your gripe is basically with the CRPG genre as a whole. Regarding difficulty... the game has 4 difficulty levels. You played on level 2, felt it was too hard at times, but didn't want to reduce the difficulty to level 1. This makes it hard to sympathize with you when you say the system is "rigged" and too hard. You aren't willing to use the full difficulty spectrum available to you, and instead complain that people who enjoy the high end of the difficulty spectrum should have that option cut off. This seems irrational to me. Why take away an option that other people are enjoying, that isn't forced on you?
  3. Ah, I see. Your warning was directed at somebody who doesn't bother to save regularly, and then ends the game still without bothering to save at all. Fair enough. (I thought you were suggesting a backup save was needed here; since there are games that lock your save into an ending state once you complete the game.)
  4. Nothing happens when you go back to Drypeak Ascent. The ending only triggers when you actually choose the "leave" dialogue option. And triggering the ending doesn't delete your save. I'm not sure what you're trying to warn against?
  5. There is no longer a "10-cap" where you get +1 per point from 1-10, +1 per 2 points from 11-20, etc. (Skill point costs do still increase.) There is no cut-off for earning skill points beyond the limits of XP.
  6. "Save first" is always a good idea. In this case though, the "point of no return" feeds directly into the ending, there's no chance to save or anything in between. So you can't get locked into leaving.
  7. @Lorn Friendly mod request: please stop posting random questions in completely unrelated topics. I've moved a bunch of them here. It's OK to post these questions - in this topic - in a new topic made for that question - in an existing topic where your question is closely related This makes it easier for other people to find information here. Thanks!
  8. Go back to where you began and take the path back to civilization. G2 has exceptionally few fetch quests, especially compared to other games of this style. I've suggested this before, but when you encounter a lock that requires a large number of living tools to open, don't open it. This almost always means there is a key or a quest that will unlock it without using any living tools. If you insist on spending living tools that way, that's the one thing that will surely cause you to run out.
  9. No, because you already start with one "purchased" level.
  10. As previously noted, the game doesn't use the term "loyalist" in that way, and in OG2 "loyalist" was used to describe Zakary's faction, so it's probably best to use terms that won't cause confusion, like "non-aligned"
  11. You are wrong. The levels of training that you begin the game with, which includes Create Fyora and Firebolt (and I think Minor Heal) count as purchased levels, not canister levels.
  12. It doesn't say you're forced to join the factions either, and a variety of NPCs suggest that you don't need to. How much hand-holding does the player really need?
  13. There is no quest line for the non-aligned ending, only requirements to get it to trigger. Kill Barzahl, kill the Taker leaders (you can ignore Syros), don't be part of any faction.
  14. Tyallea is the fastest, if you join Zakary. Then Tuldaric if you join the Awakened (more zones, but half of those are 100% friendly) Then Kima. One of many cases where nlambert's index has a lot of useful information.
  15. Yes. As explained many times already, yes. Previously, rots cost 18 (or 23 with Overload) and attacked 1.5x more often than a regular hasted unit. (Possibly missing an attack in round 1 is worth considering, but it's not quite a "probably" situation if you invest in Stealth.) Now they cost 23 (or 28 with Overload), since you have to pay for the haste augment, and they attack 1.37x more often than a regular hasted unit. (They can land acid, but it's just regular acid unless you pay another extra 5 essence.) Compare to battle alphas. Battle alphas are cheaper; they come with both daze and cleave, and they have stun and leap abilities which are both pretty useful. Compare to drakons. Drakons cost 24 essence, nearly the same as a just-haste rot, deal much more damage by default even after accounting for the haste (142 vs 102), attack at range, and apply a better DoT. A rot with Overload can deal a bit more damage (178 vs 142) but in exchange for that, it (1) costs more, (2) loses HP each round, and (3) is stuck with melee range. For any scenario with >1 enemy, the drayk comparison is even more damning. It's not that rots are worthless now, it's that they used to do one thing (single target DPS) more efficiently than any other creation. Now they don't. And because they were the only battle creation that had that distinction, them getting worse makes battle shaping as a whole less enticing.
  16. "The battle creation stats went down" 1) This suggests all battle creations had stats go down (they didn't) 2) Stats is plural here, which suggests more than one number went down (it didn't) 3) Creatures have stats. So do items. So do abilities. If v1.0.3 nerfs the Firebolt spell's damage, we wouldn't say the PC's stats went down, even though the PC can cast Firebolt.
  17. To clarify: Battle creation stats did not go down. At all. The Rotghroth basic attack no longer costs 6 AP. That's the only nerf to battle creations. It's just a big nerf, due to the rot being by far the most attractive battle creation. FWIW this is not good advice for most of the original Geneforges. (And that topic is from 7 years ago, so it's not talking about the remakes.) Heck, it's not even something you can really do in the second half of the series, given how they are structured. In G2 there are better creations to dash to, and in G1 essence cost + xp mechanics prevent drayks from being all that dominant until later in the game.
  18. Simply replace the modified Scripts folder, with your backup copy. (If you changed the PC's walking speed by reading the sign, you will also need to revert to a previous save.)
  19. Yeah, he changed it for the Mental and Blessing Magic tooltips, but not the tooltips for the spells, unfortunately.
  20. Jeff asked me to send him a simpler set of modified tooltips. He used a couple of them. I am happy that at least mental magic and blessing magic now say "duration" rather than "effect." This will get updated after Overrun, and it will probably just use Overrun style tooltips rather than the base game's style. Since Jeff seems to be vaguely threatening a v103, I also might wait to see whether or not that materializes rather than needing to update it twice.
  21. "newer games in older game engine" is really what we need more of
  22. The double speed "issues" are quite rare and it seems possible that v1.02 has actually fixed them -- I haven't tested but that seems to be exactly the sort of thing referred to in the terrain placement item in the patch notes. Note that this mod has NOT been updated for v1.02. If that happens, it will happen after I get around to updating Overrun. So for now, don't use it.
  23. Items and training purchased from merchants. Definitely worth pursuing early if you intend to buy 2 levels of training in everything for some painful reason.
  24. If that last comment is a reference to my analysis thread, but you're posting it here for some reason: Battle Alphas are absolutely not tier 1, and that was not stated anywhere. Rotghroths are simply much worse. Battle Alphas did not get better. My assessment has them at tier 3, which is better than anything else in battle shaping. EDIT: re Magical Creation augments, I think this is just a reference to the stat augments. Glaahks used to have a Str+ augment for example, but their melee attack doesn't use Strength (because it does energy damage), so that was changed to Magic+.
  25. It's not potential, it's already happened. Battle Alphas are probably the best battle creation now, overall, yeah. They have some ability to try and use statuses to control things, they have a leap, which makes wasted early turns less likely, and they are adequately sturdy. Less sturdy than rots, but also cheaper than rots. If you really wanted to go battle shaping, you might still run 1 or 2 rots for the DoT and to have slightly sturdier frontliners. But I'd lean most on alphas. (But I also wouldn't go battle shaping in the first place, not anymore.)
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