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  1. Yes, I eventually got it to install. Since I have your attention, I might as well ask a new question. Will the Exile games work on OSX? I hear a lot about "carbonization", which I assume is Apple's fancy way of saying "OSX compatible". Also, is there any way to make the dock solid, like the taskbar in Windows? It's really annoying how it overlaps the content of a window.
  2. Since when did we need five action points to attack? As I recall, in previous games, you only needed one point to do a melee attack.
  3. It doesn't seem to have Stuffit pre installed, and I can't set it up for internet access right now. I've been transfering files from this desktop to the iBook with a USB memory dongle, but the Stuffit website wants me to register for some inbox spam orgy before it will let me download the program. Actually, forget that last part. God bless download.com
  4. Quote: Originally written by Thralni, chicken god prophet: Let me put it this way: if its true that he didn't use Mac OS 9 for longer then a week or two, Four hours, once a week, every week, for an entire semester. And before that, I used OSX for three hours a day, every weekday, for about a month. I've had plenty of time with the interface, and more than enough to decide that I prefer Windows. And no, I didn't start with Windows 95. I started with Windows 3.1, which was a total rip off of the Mac interface (actually, I started with DOS, but that's not really relevant). So why am I having trouble? All of the Macs I've ever used until now were school property. I've never installed anything on a Mac before, except for Creative Suite 2, which didn't really require any input from me. They don't let students install anything on school computers, for fear of the student messing something up (oddly enough, I've crashed every school Mac I've ever touched at least once) Short version: Help or GOMI plz
  5. This is a stupid question, but I have no idea how to install it. I literally just bought a Mac today, and I haven't got a clue how to unpack this binary file. I haven't used OSX for almost a year, and my past experience with it was very limited. I'm not very keen on messing around with stuff on my own, since the last Mac OS I used regularly was OS9 (probably the most frustating operating system I've ever used, next to Windows ME) and have little patience for the system right now. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using an iBook G4 with OSX 10.4.2
  6. I know THAT. I meant will they work on a different registered copy.
  7. Will my save files still work if I register a new copy?
  8. I got a new pc for christmas (one with...you know...modern technology) but I've already registered Geneforge 1 and 2 on my old pc. Is there a way for me to transfer these registered copies to my new pc without losing the registered status?
  9. The demo is all I'm interested in. I'll register it when it comes to Windows. And I'm not switching. I'm not an anti-Mac whore, but Windows is simply better. Why? More people use it. I've used a Mac before. I liked it. It was a very smooth OS. The GUI was light years ahead of Windows. But I will never buy one unless they become the standard. I already have enough compatibility issues with my out dated hardware. I don't need additional ones by having a totally different file system. By the way, thank you for the intelligent replies. I posted this on another forum and all I got was bull.
  10. Does anybody know of a decent Mac emulator (or anything else that will run Mac apps) for Windows? I can't wait until the fall to play Geneforge 2. I NEED to play this game ASAP. By the way, I'm not looking to turn this into an OS war or anything. If your just going to reply "WINDOWS SUX!1111" or "jsut buy aMAc stoopid!!1", then don't bother.
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