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  1. I'm at the end of the game on a Roman playthrough, trying to destroy the Nethergate while Sylak and his henchmen are shooting me down. I was stuck on this for a couple of hours, so I decided to look up what I was supposed to, and apparently you have to steal the Eye of Cathrac from one of the pedestals in order to disrupt the gate. The problem I am currently having is that there are three pedestrals:

    • the western one has the Skull of Stone
    • the northern one has the Crown of Lost Warriors
    • the eastern one has a second Crown of Lost Warriors


    I've looked around every square inch of the map and I can't find the Eye, nor am I able to defeat Sylak. Does anyone know where it is? Is it supposed to be one of these three platforms?

  2. I was fully expecting to get a bad ending too. Jeeves told me that the Rokaj hated and distrusted Haven more than before, I only replaced Yvette as governor, dreamt with the Nisse, went full Girl Power in the Low Dhaga and everyone chose to fight me at Prova Krug. Despite all that, I managed to retain the favour of the Queen, the rebellion wasn't as large as expected and things in the palace weren't a total disaster (aside from everyone being constantly exhausted and the Queen having a couple of senior citizen moments).


    Only thing I found surprising was that the Kranas Woods sided against me, despite the fact that I replaced Yvette, let the human sacrifices continue, didn't burn the groves and replanted the Tehrorman Tree without killing it. I guess they just didn't like the cut of my jib.


    Bittersweet endings are usually more satisfying anyway. Something usually doesn't feel right when everything goes according to plan.


    I took the Nisse's poison gifts and expected that to come back and bite me in the poop chute at the end, but I guess the Rokaj branch are a little less spiteful than the Sacramentum branch. Either that or I'm going to get my soul stolen in QW3, but that's future me's problem.

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