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  1. He said he would meet me outside. I can not find him..... Where is he?
  2. What can effect the end? What are the other endings? i did the game twice. Once as pro-avernum once as pro dorkis. Both endings are somewhat sad for my party is there another way for it to end?
  3. A few months ago I accidentaly wiped my computer.... also I misplaced my cds ... Avernum 4 is coming out. BUT, to refresh my memory I want to be able to play the previous three, which I have bought, although they are no longer on my computer and the cds are lost. Is there any way to get the cds or just the codes or maybe even new cds or codes without having to buy the game all over again?
  4. I got a pc ... i know macs are better ... you dont need to tell me ... but im gonna get geneforge 3 and i was hoping to get avernum 4 also ... can i just order them both right now and ill get 4 when its out for pc or do i have to wait for 4 to come out for windows?
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