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  1. Sorry, host system is running Windows 10 on a Ryzen 7 1700, GTX 1070, AMD motherboard I believe. I just am not sure if there is a way to adjust the guest system settings when starting windows XP from virtualbox. It seems to only be the buttons and in-game graphics that cause issues for it because when any regular dialogue boxes pop up in-game like you would see from the OS itself (like normal OK/CANCEL notification boxes), it doesn't cause any slow-down at all, only when you go to click on the game buttons. I'm not sure how to put up a picture if that isn't clear, sorry.
  2. UPDATE: I finally got virtualbox running with XP and completely got everything I needed, Exile is downloaded and playable, but the framerate and input is extremely slow, i.e. click mouse and wait 5 seconds for the input to register in the game, is there a fix for this? EDIT: dialogue boxes that pop up like normal text or notification boxes work normally and with no delay, only the game itself runs slow. Clicking to walk anywhere takes 5-10 seconds to register, the in-game buttons take forever as well, is this just expected since it is a virtual environment and not the original hardware?
  3. I was able to download the games via the spiderweb software original links, for some reason it decided to work. Now I'm having trouble with getting virtualbox to setup windows XP in order to run the game. I'm stuck trying to select an optical drive for XP to use, but it won't let me change settings at all due to "hardware virtualization is enabled in the acceleration settings of the system page, although it is not supported by the host system. It should be disabled in order to start the virtual (guest) system." If I go and deselect that option, it doesn't allow that change to be saved either,
  4. I have loved playing the Exile trilogy, and had downloaded it previously, but cannot even get it to download now. When I click on "Download the fully registered Exile II: Crystal Souls" link, it briefly opens a webpage and the download bar pops up, but then immediately both disappear and it's as if nothing happened. There are no blocks in place to prevent this, and other things download no problem from other webpages. After searching computer files, I confirmed that nothing was downloaded. Please help! It's driving me nuts and google is not very helpful.
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