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  1. Now I understand. In the reremix topic here https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/19120-aeftp-avernum-reremix-graphics-mod/ You can find the versions for both crystal souls and ruined world at the end of the first page posted from a member LandonRayW with 2 mediafire links in 2016 (updated in 2020). So apparently he reworked the reremix for both games. This is what I downloaded. He also mentions every changes to adapt to crystal souls and ruined world from the 2.5 eftp reremix mod. As I said, I wanted to play at least the first game without any gameplay
  2. Now I'm confused hahaha. About your mod, we are talking about this one right : https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/17278-avernum-escape-from-the-pit-avernum-remix-11-released/ ? Surely this wouldn't work with crystal souls and ruined world, considering the changes to gameplay, added skills and items etc right ? I assumed this was only for escape from the pit. Also could you tell me what changes exactly you disagree on and in what general way both mods diverge ? Some of the explanation from reremix changelog about what they did from your mod are vague. Bu
  3. Just finished Avernum eftp, setting my avernum crystal souls run. I installed your graphics, the reremix 3.3 mod, which I think is a mod derived from yours, intentionally left bank so thx, and a few graphics ported from the mod I linked in my original post. The gameplay from reremix seem to be much more polished and makes more sense. This should be good. I don't have a walkthrough this time around tough, might be even longer (finished first gam in around 130 hours with a guide in hard.) I even kinda decided on my party already : 1) Tank Str/ Int priest sh
  4. Your experience with online community seem to be awfully specific XD. I understand where you're coming from, I kinda lived a similar thing, but it seems we reached different conclusions. First I suspect that most people ( that could include me as well) have no real idea of what a good art is anyway. I mean i would have much lower expectations than a skilled artist for sure. However there are basic reasons people tend to defend hard work (or even easy work) for this kind of things : 1) The vast majority of people have no idea how to do it themselves (even for simple
  5. Hello Redemption, I'm glad to see there are still people roaming those forums, i was a bit concerned they were too old to even get a reply I kinda reached the same conclusion after comparing files by files from that graphic mods and avernum 2 game. Noticed that some files are the same and can be replaced, but most of them a new graphical item would appear, or their place would be changed, or they would be completely changed and thus wouldn't be compatible. In the end I kept about 10% of the files. The art you just provided is amazing, thx a lot. And yes
  6. Hello, I have had the pleasure to discover a spiderweb game, entirely by pure chance with Avernum escape from the pit a month ago. Being 33 years old, not sure how i missed those games, I am playing the hell out of it and already know i will buy all of them. A few days ago, I discovered this link : https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/avernum-escape-from-the-pit-recolored-mod-released.119901/ and was seriously impressed after dowloading it to see how much it improves the feeling of the game. It feels much more cave like, and the sound design which was a bit we
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