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  1. Thank you, Thaeris, although I think the praise is a bit exaggerated I would love to have a walk/fly through Avernum in 3D one day, that sounds truly awesome! Once I'm done with the polishing, I'll create a plain-text file with map info, so that you wouldn't have to do the .dat reversing. It's boring, time consuming, and frankly not very pleasant. I hope that would speed up the 3D map creation I should warn you however, that there are over 600 different tiles in the game, and creating nice looking 3D models will take a lot of effort. As for A2 and A3 outdoor maps -- I don't want to promise anything, sorry. I want to render all the towns/dungeons in A1 first. Thank you everyone for your kind words!
  2. I'm glad you liked it! I'll post polished version here, once it's done. Might be a while though. >How was this done? By parsing the outdoors.dat file and rendering proper tiles at proper places.
  3. And I want to share it with you, fellow avernites. Maybe you'll get hit by that sweet, sweet nostalgia for the bleak, but very dear underworld as I was? :) It's not perfect, especially with regards to the walls, but I'll get to polishing later. Don't see how to attach an image, so here the link: https://yadi.sk/d/ZmzplSTNMx_NvQ Beware, its' rather big, 25MB Enjoy! :)
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