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  1. I see what you did there, and I approve! I'm gonna go with an error caused by that an autoconnect feature.
  2. @Randomizer Ah! That's where I messed up! I forgot that I had to spend points to raise the magic/misc pane skills. @TriRodent Thank you for the link to the strategy guide. I'll keep that under my hat for now, but it's good to have handy, should I get stuck again. Thank you both!
  3. Ok, I give. I can't figure out how to level up my caster's spell level ability. I found one artifact that increases spell skill by 1, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I need to do in order to get the spell skill to go up. I'm including copies of my mage as she's built in the hopes that someone can tell me how to increase spell skill somehow other than starting over (or using character editor).
  4. Ouch, but not wrong lol. Good recommendation, but I found something that I consider even better: Dual boot Mojave/Catalina from one APFS disk! I was a chicken and used a bootable USB stick that I put Mojave on, rather than going straight in with the native Recovery Mode. I now have a second boot option when I restart my computer, and have successfully run Avernum. Sadly, it seems that Spiderweb pulled the Mac version of the Geneforge Saga off of Steam, so I can't reinstall it. Grrr....
  5. Bah, make that the entire Avernum series doesn't run on Catalina. Grumble grumble. Damn kids, get off my lawn.
  6. That's Avernum version downloaded from GOG.com. Also, tried downloading the Geneforge demo from the Spiderweb site and that also looks like it's only 32 bit. The Avernum demo from the Spiderweb site works on Catalina. Also, sanity is over-rated.
  7. I have purchased several Spiderweb games through both Steam and GOG. The Geneforge Games no longer run due to them being 32 bit and I am not able to get Avernum to run. I am able to play Avadon, though. I have tried to control-click to open Avernum, but it crashes on start. I have also manually allowed full disk access to Avernum. Any suggestions?
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