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  1. I believe I have actually downloaded Blades of Exile from the official site. I had only found the Exile series on MyAbandonware (and downloaded the first game from there). And yes, I have discovered that colours not used in the 8-bit palette are still supported in my copy of the game (or at least don't make the file unusable). I knew the palette wasn't super-restricted, but I just really wanted to know what I did and didn't have.
  2. I just got into the Exile series via the MyAbandonware website, and I found the Scenario Editor to be a promising feature. I also heard that one can even have custom graphics, so long as if you were using Windows, the colour palette had to be "similar to the palette used in the game". So now I'm trying to use Paint.Net to create a picture that has all the colours used in the game's graphics, but it seems to be taking longer than it should. Was there a faster way of getting all the colours used to begin with?
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