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  1. Celtic my OCD caught me out with that but if you download im sure you could rearrange by the original numbering. Play around with the stats if you want as its open to the public. Id donate to the openboe project but not sure how to add to that
  2. Sorry it seems everytime i update the file it resets permissions.
  3. Thanks for that Ess-Echas. Im not sure what happened there. Almighty i meant Charisma sorry, but i may do some fugly math to figure out the stats like i have with STR/DEX/INT. And i think Wisdom is more related to things like mage/cave lore and decision making/situational awareness (ie Vahnatai lord - heaps vs goblin - maybe like 2). Thanks Thaluikhain, as you will see from the proper doc the formulas are a mess and each stat is well.... You'll see 😁. Yes as for CHA, that may have to be either ripped from D&D counterparts or just made up on the spot.
  4. Hey everyone. Long time fan of Exile and all things Spidweb. I have recently begun to convert the MonsterData.RTF file (Thank you Tarl Roger Kudrick) into something resembling a D&D compatible monster list. So far I have managed to stumble my way through doing the bare basics like abilities, STR/DEX/INT and SP/Mana. What I'm having problems with now is deciding on things that the Exile series never included. Specifically CON, WIS and CHR. I have included the file here for anyone that wants to take a look (and maybe use for a homebrew campaign) and would appreciate any advice, feedback and support. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-d0GgTaimw5MFBsWEVDRXhhaXJtR0s2aEFOemd2UVREMFpr/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. This Is my setup on the family Windows 10 Laptop. and because its all hidden away I have no fear of my children accidently overwriting all my save games 😂
  6. Thank you Almighty Doer. I tried following that link previously but for some reason it would not work for me (server maintenance maybe?). now ican continue my Exile based D&D campaign (theres going to be some GoT level PC deaths 😈)
  7. Please Please Please tell me you still have a copy of this
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