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  1. Nice! If this works, I'll get in some merry monster slaying over Christmas, if the family gives me some time
  2. Hi! If possible, I'd like to continue save games I created in Avernum: EftP under Windows 8 (latest version, from GoG) on a MacOS X notebook (over the Xmas holidays). Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm playing on normal difficulty. It seems you can't get out of there without killing Drath, at least with my tool use skill (there is one switch I can't operate, so maybe that might open an exit?). Well, I lowered the difficulty to casual and then could bring evil Drath down to the point where he's fleeing ("Drath takes 19 points of damage. (163 blocked)" LOL). Kind of a bummer, but I'll just declare it a bug that you can get stuck down there, so the blame's on Mr. Vogel (*shakes pitch fork*) and I can continue with my life :-) FWIW: I'm fine
  4. I cleared the Crypt of Drath without any problems but cannot get Drath killed (level 18 party, normal difficulty). Lured out all other mobs in his room and killed them without triggering Drath himself but even though I fight him alone it does not work out (my dmg seems very low). I'd be fine with coming back later, but it seems I cannot get out through the teleporter maze. My last save before entering the crypt is a couple hours old, so I'd lose quite some progress if I went back to that. So, 1. can Drath be killed on level 18? 2. can I get out? Th
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