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  1. Thanks! Though I have one more question.... in the priest's chambers level there are three cells. The people in the second and third cell keep referring to Lily in the first cell, but the first cell is empty. Is it supposed to be like this or is this another bug?
  2. Question about Doom Moon... I'm really really stuck. Where are the earth and air stones? I got the water and fire ones fine, but the other two.... I looked everywhere in that tower, everywhere, and couldnt' find them. Any help appreciated, even if it is just a clue.
  3. How would you make an NPC appear via specials? I can see you can "place monster" but that doesn't associate dialogue with it. I do the copy town thing, it might tie in well with a few other things. How do you as players appreciate the variable town entry? It's not exactly a transparent thing.
  4. I feel touched that I am remembered. btw. Little billy sue, it's he. Thanks for the replies... It's been years since I've tampered with the scenario editor... I used to spend ages making scenarios but never completed one. So I thought I'd give it a go the other day and try something more modest and completable, but found I'd forgotten alot of what I'd learnt. Anyway, another problem. Making an NPC appear in a town after a certain thing has happened. There seems to be two possibilities to do this that I can see. Under you edit monster under advanced there is "appears when event has occured" This does not seem to work whatsoever. Is this a bug? I noticed that 0 is no event, and when you run a special node that triggers an event it comes up with an error when 0 is entered even though in the special node editor it says that 0-9 should be used. The other idea was for using the stuff done flag kill off option in reverse (starting the scenario with that stuff done on 1, and then switching it to 0 when it was time for the character to appear). This also didn't seem to work (I could use it make monsters dissappear but not reappear.
  5. I can't for the life of me figure it out, but it has to be something dead simple I'm missing... If you have a shopkeeper how do you link the shop screen to the buy button in dialogue? I have for example a food salesman and if you say "food" to her she'll sell you food, but if you click buy she'll just go "huh?"
  6. Firstly, I suspect Drakefyre has given up on this topic as having gone crazily too far. Secondly... What is the arena? Poeple keep referring to it, but i don't know what it is, or why it has so much influence amongst the BoE community.
  7. Ok, slightly offtopic question..... Quote: The best I can visualize is cavemen with pointy ears. Where did this pointy ear crap come from? I was amazed to see pointy ears of the elves in the Lord of the Rings movies... I found it completely bizzarre. I had never imagined anything liek that. Anyway, where's the source of this idea that elves have pointy ears?
  8. Quote: 2. Concerning size, I don't know what you imagine when you think of elves, but I get this picture of Tolkien's Eldar in my head, slender build, longer life-spans, usually taller (!) than humans. It would seem that TM has imagined the elves on Aizo to be rather like primitive caveman, biologically like Eldar, but not as civilized. So no one is saying anything about these elves being tiny. Well he did mention that he wasn't going for the Tolkein style Elf, and so I presumed he was meaning the traditional elf... i.e. little faerie type creatures. And another point. I remember once reading (years ago) something from Jeff saying he specifically left Elves out of the Exile trilogy/BoE because he didn't like the whole idea of elves (and other particular parts of fantasy) that was created by Tolkein and post-Tolkien writers.
  9. NO ELVES!!!! Besides, interbreading between humans and elves would be impossable... the creatures are so tiny compared with humans, it just wouldn't work.
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