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  1. Ah damn, just wish I knew this earlier. The guide's description of the code "very useful if you get stuck" doesn't really seem to apply in other words. Ok next question: anyone having a mac save at this point in the game, preferably playing as a tinkermage;)?
  2. Ha great advice;-)THX for fast reply, sadly not the case, I've already tried everything... Sent a message to jeff we'll ses what happens! Anyway, amazing guy - will have to check out his avernum and geneforge series.
  3. Hey, just played through Avadon 1 which I loved and immidiately jumped in to part two with guide in hand. In Monitor Base D I got stuck on the boss battle (wind flinging you from room to room) and used the guide's cheat code "backtostart" to get out of the place. Weird thing is that when I ame back a lot later with a few more levels under my belt, the scene where to get locked in with Miranda triggered again when I reached the boss in the grand hall, een though I had already watched the scene. Worse, while in the cell, Miranda won't speak to me and I'm locked in!! Just wondered if any of y
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