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  1. I am likewise astounded that this information is still out there in the internet. I haven't played one of Jeff's games in years (I think — when was the avernum remake?), but still check these forums once every few months or so when I remember for some reason. I think the last time I was active on the forums was during the Northern Isle games. I created a new account since I don't remember the password for the old one, and apparently the email address I used was an old one I can't access anymore. Setting the record straight: I am male-bodied and cis by default (masculine pronouns, name, speech, and clothes/hair, but not otherwise attached to any particular "masculine" or "feminine" traits). Sarachim and I went to the same high school (and overlapped), although we were not acquainted with one another. I saw a picture of Drakefyre somewhere (earlier photo thread? facebook?) and then happened to see him on the street; I confirmed later that it was him, but I did not say hello at the time (it was a busy intersection).
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