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  1. I don't think its possible to caputire Rhentar-Ihrno, or any of the major characters like Erica. There resistance is probably maxed out, and I dont think a level 99 character could capture them. My Exile 3 list consists of Rahkshasha, Pack Leader, Vahnatai Lord, and Vahnatai Keeper. The Vahnatai lord is nice because it can use its own soul crystal to summon things like basilisks, and the pack leader is good because it hits like 6 times dealing a massive amount of damage. The rahkshasa is nice because i beleive its immune to magic, and the keeper is just something i havent really replaced. I think i used to use him as an archer since i think hes the disk thrower, not sure...
  2. I'll try them out, hopefully they'll work, the exile one from the website you gave me works perfectly, thanks Aluion.
  3. Thank you Aluion, by any chance do you think you could possibly host Exile 2, and Exile 3 on there as well for download? I'd much appreciate it. On a side note to solberg: What, you didnt hear there was an opening in the triad and I was accepted?
  4. If you look at download.com, under the link that you need to click on to download the game, it redirects it to download from spidwebs FTP, which is where I cant download from. Therefore any site which redirects to that FTP, wont allow me to download.
  5. Is there any chance you could possibly zip the programs into a file, and emaiul them to me? Itd be much appreciated. I'll pm you my email address.
  6. I have windows 98, and im using Internet Explorer 4 I beleive it is.
  7. Oddly enough I'm not able to download the exile games from this site, whther Jeff took them off or perhaps if it does have something to do with my FTP. I love the exile trilogy, and anyone who has the game itself, and could post the program on a website for me to download it from (were not talking a registered version here or something), would be much appreciated. (or if you know of a site that distributes it legally, it would help me greatly). Thank you
  8. how exactly do i check to see if it configured to do so, or is not?
  9. I had the entire exile trilogy on my old computer, and I transfered over the simple save files, in hope of simply being able to download the exile series from the site, and yet its not allowing me to download it. It keeps saying soemthing along the lines of "Login Request Denied"
  10. Oddly enough it seems that I am unable to download any of the exile games for windows, I had them before but I'm using a new computer now and I wish to download them again, but for some reason it won't allow me to download either the .exe or the zipped files.
  11. Actually I remember hearing something about a person in ancient times with the name Thralni, probably not spelled the same. Otherwise I doubt so, probably just a creation of Jeffs, along with the orb. (Sure been gone a long time, good to be back)
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