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  1. Thank you again Tonweya -- it transpires that there is a bug in the scenario: the altar respawns Destroying the altar again and then saying "dead" to Tomas let me complete the scenario
  2. Thank you Tonweya -- you are awesome! I thought that the GIFTS was important... but I also thought I'd already tried saying every keyword to them. Well, I've rescued the nephilim child now! (But I think I've bugged the scenario by completing the tasks out of order -- Tomas keeps telling me to destroy the altar in Trent -- which I already have -- and doesn't respond (in a useful fashion) to any likely keyword (trent, altar, undead, slith, cave, allies, welcome, feast, ... ))
  3. This forum seems to be dedicated to developing scenarios, so I doubt that this post is in the correct place, but on the off-chance that this post isn't moved or deleted... I've been playing through a lot of old Blades of Exile scenarios; some scenarios have been brilliant (Burned to the Ground) and some have... not (The Fog -- "beginner"? Really?) but I'd beaten every scenario I'd played and hadn't become stuck in or encountered any game-breaking bugs in a scenario... before playing A Band of Wanderers. In which I've become stuck. For days. I've killed all the rats, and become frie
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