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  1. Thank you again Tonweya -- it transpires that there is a bug in the scenario: the altar respawns Destroying the altar again and then saying "dead" to Tomas let me complete the scenario
  2. Thank you Tonweya -- you are awesome! I thought that the GIFTS was important... but I also thought I'd already tried saying every keyword to them. Well, I've rescued the nephilim child now! (But I think I've bugged the scenario by completing the tasks out of order -- Tomas keeps telling me to destroy the altar in Trent -- which I already have -- and doesn't respond (in a useful fashion) to any likely keyword (trent, altar, undead, slith, cave, allies, welcome, feast, ... ))
  3. This forum seems to be dedicated to developing scenarios, so I doubt that this post is in the correct place, but on the off-chance that this post isn't moved or deleted... I've been playing through a lot of old Blades of Exile scenarios; some scenarios have been brilliant (Burned to the Ground) and some have... not (The Fog -- "beginner"? Really?) but I'd beaten every scenario I'd played and hadn't become stuck in or encountered any game-breaking bugs in a scenario... before playing A Band of Wanderers. In which I've become stuck. For days. I've killed all the rats, and become friends with the weavers guild. I've killed all the insects, and become friends with the mayor (allowing my party access to the circus). I've killed all the undead and become friends with the slithzerakai. But I can't figure out a way backstage at the circus. At all. I know it is a long shot, but if somebody here has played that scenario... hint, pretty, pretty please?
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