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    What order should I play Alcritas's ones in? I've started with Ship to Algiers. Is that a good start? I've forgotten I'm afraid *blush*
  2. Yma1


    This does indeed seem to work. Thank you very, very much for your help. It's deeply appreciated and I really look forward to revisiting these games!
  3. Yma1


    Yes, I did try that but it doesn't seem to work. Came up with an unexpected error message, the 'CRC32' was all 000000 and it said 'Unexpected end of archive' whatever that means.
  4. Hello! I recall an awsome set of scenarios by Alcritas. I've managed to find most of them on Spiderweb Software, save one- Lamentations. It doesn't seem to be on the main scenario page. Can anyone give me a clue as to where I could get a hold of it or, failing that, maybe give me a hint abuot what sort of party level I may need to start it? Thanks.
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