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  1. Thanks, Void Master. Yes, I tried that address first thing. The message bounced. How recently was it that it worked for you?
  2. I've been playing the old Blades of Exile Games a lot recently -- I like them better than the new Avernum series, but never mind that right now. I keep running into the problem that the sites where people used to have hints and walkthroughs available have vanished, dispersed into their component electrons, even through they're still listed in Spiderweb Games' list of links. And e-mail addresses for the authors don't work any more either. Leon Lin, who wrote two of the best first-generation scenarios, is still at his old address and is unfailingly helpful when I get stuck. So is the author of Pyramids, a game with beautiful, original graphics and a great plot, except for that room full of eyebeasts. However ... my current problems are with Slavers of the Pardes Valley, a solid and outstanding scenario, which I just finished. I kept running into locked doors that would not open either to a set of magic lockpicks or to repeated casting of the Unlock spell. Maybe they're just there to frustrate me, but I can't help feeling that if I were more persistent and thorough I could get some of them open. There are also a bunch of trapped treasure chests that remain trapped no matter how many times my heros disarm them. I think this may be a bug. But my two big problems (here comes the point of all this) are that I can't find the key to the slave pens in the Hidden Shrine, and I can't discover any clue to what became of the man in armor who stalked out just before the climactic battle in the Slavers' headquarters. Those poor captives ought to be liberated before they starve to death, and the guy in armor ought not to be tracked down and punished, not allowed to get away like that. The e-mail address for the authors of Slavers no longer works, so I can't figure out how to ask them these questions. If anyone on the board can help, I'd be very grateful.
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