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  1. Oh, come on people... We all know the Dragons would win, as soon as Athron's (?) sprogs were fully grown. If they produced enough in number, they could decimate anyone or anything in their path. AND they're superintelligent. Would anybody like a Khoth with that burger?
  2. I wish I had the pashion for BoE and the rest of the Exile series like I used to have when I was a wee-er lad. I have no original ideas for the Movie, heh. BUT, it COULD work out like a J.R.R Tolkien thing...first movie, Fellowship of the Rings. Second movie, the Two Towers. First movie, conclusion to Escape from the Pit. Second movie, Chapter 1 of Crystal Souls. Get my logic here?
  3. Hey, it's just a thought. Do you think it would be a hit? A good or bad idea? Who would play characters? Come on, reply. I'm curious.
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