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  1. Major Haste and Bless Party both haste and bless the entire party respectively. If you want something a bit more powerful, Major Blessing blesses, hastes AND poisons the weapons of the whole party. Yes, haste potions haste you.
  2. If anyone has a working .meg, or even a .gif file for it, I'd appreciate it. My graphics program doesnt work with bmps, and so I have to screenshot everything, and copy and paste them together. I tried doing that, and I kept seeing ugly little lines everywhere.
  3. Gimme Gimme! solarfish@waterfallsw.com
  4. Quote: Originally written by ben4808: Now that AC3, part 2 is out, is anybody in the process of making a now BoE scenario, or is everybody either testing or working on BoA? (Or not doing anything.) AC3 part 2 is out? Where can I get it?
  5. FuturePaint for the Mac is decent, and if you can afford Photoshop, it works pretty well too.
  6. Y'see, thats the problem- I can't unstuff stuff because of my *cough* computer. I can only unzip, but the saves get corrupted. *kicks his computer* Stupid iMac, i knew i shoulda waited for a better one.
  7. Gah, just my luck Stuffit decides to blank out. Oh well, If its under 5, I'll just make 6 and delete the rest for my 1 PC in Quintessence. =-)
  8. Hi, I've noticed a horrid, horrid bug in my version of the BoE CHARACTER Editor. Clicking on something like, "Edit Skills" or "Add Mage Spells" or ANY of those buttons does nothing. Please help me out here. Thanks, A somewhat disgruntled Nephil. EDIT: added word.
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