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  1. Regular items shouldn't interfere with quests that require a special item that is only obtained in the Special Items list. Did you start the quest in the first place? It sounds like you might not have since I think you need a certain level of reputation before the Mayor asks you to retrieve her necklace for her.


    EDIT: (Oh crap, this was asked a year ago)

  2. Picked up Avernum again recently and had a thought after spending the day gardening in Real Life: What if someone created an artificial sun in Avernum? How hard would it have been? Magic seems commonplace enough and has the power to create barriers and traps and such. It wouldn't have to even be a sun, you could just artificial lighting through a string of fireballs or something that give out enough light for several hours a day to grow crops. Perhaps it may even be powered by the cave's natural heat or some such. (Though now that I mention it, I do recall it being said that the plants are modified to use the cave's heat instead of sunlight so I guess that's a more direct approach)

  3. I had luck downloading the windows version and getting wineskin to allow it to run on OSX 10.8.


    Does that mean you also couldn't get the Mac version working?



    Could you let me know how you did it? I tried doing that but when I play the game, the screen is black unless I put another window over it and it sort of refreshes to whatever menu is on. I have to do that whenever I select something. =(

    I had that problem when using Wineskin for another game. I forgot how I solved it but it took a while. I was probably just playing around with the settings till it worked.

  4. Hi

    I downloaded the First Avernum Trilogy from Humble Bundle a few days ago. But I can't seem to play it. I'm using Macs and have tried it on 10.7 (which I know wouldn't work but tried anyway), 10.4, OS 9 using an emulator and even on an old computer still running OS 9.


    I've been able to play Avernum before and even now when I download a demo from the Spiderweb Software website I can run it. The files I got from Humble Bundle comes in a zip which extracts to three .app files (InstallAvernum1.app for example). That's when I hit a dead end as these files can't seem to be opened.


    I'm wondering if anyone else had got a copy from Humble Bundle and if they got theirs working.

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