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Richard Bacon

Hill Giants and troglodytes, What to do?

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I delivered the message to the troglodytes, and saved all the Empire Prisoners from the Hill Giants cavern and know that i got all the Items for the families of the dead and/or missing Empire Soldiers by giants.




How many Empire Troops were imprisoned in the cavern?, How many of the Items by lost empire troops families were to be turned in to the captain?


Is there anything i do about the troglodytes after i deliver the message the troglo king wanted me to give back to the mayor?


What will show me that i have completed and appeased the captain for the rescue of the troops and items given to him?


The Map that leads to the Hidden Cave for the Crystal that powers the walls separating the Troglodytes and Hill Giants I have already Obtained and have gotton to the Main Room that the Crystal Resides in. I saved there and now sit in there till i think of what to do.


When i Smash the Crystal and Both Races then become Focused on fighting each other once again


After i Escape the Battle between them and get outside the cavern or castle Where do i go? Who do i talk to?,


Is there someone in one of the surface cities near these 2 races that i speak to? or do i return to Fort Emergence to speak with my Officer of more findings?.



Do i talk to the officer for the giants. and the mayor for the troglodytes?

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There are three chests of soldiers' possessions and three prisoners in the Giants' Caverns. I can't remember if there's any special thanks for completing the quest in Exile 3; presumably you get some reward, though!


The map is useless after you've read it.


After you've turned the troglodytes and giants against each other it's worth talking to the mayor of Sharimik and the commander in Lorelei again to see if they have more rewards for you. I don't think so, but I honestly can't recall; it's been a long time since I played E/A3. In any case, after you've left the Concealed Tunnel if you haven't already grabbed the crystal shards special item from the crystal you destroyed you should go back and collect it. You definitely need to return to Fort Emergence and talk with Anaximander, and you also want to bring those crystal shards to Berra.


—Alorael, whose recall of these things will be vastly improved when A3: Ruined World comes out in the next couple of years.

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As I remember it, you don't get a special reward for getting all three of each, and the commander's dialogue doesn't change, she tells you there's more, even if you can't find any more.


The shards are important from a story reason, they don't give you any bonuses IIRC.


X, in the tower of Magi teaches you some new spells, though.


Oh, you can go into the Troglodyte keep like it's a normal dungeon and kill everyone and loot the place, if you like.

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