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Zero Point*

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Author: ZeroPointEnergy





Composite Score: Not reviewed yet.


Best: 0%

Good: 0%

Average: 0%

Substandard: 0%

Poor: 0%



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In the tradition of Minimalism, Teh Grich, and KOWP, Zero Point is a joke scenario-- this time an attempt to make the worst scenario ever.


If it had succeeded, I'd have had to give it a 3 or so. But I've definitely played worse, so this scenario is just worthless- POOR (1.0)



(So if the scenario were more successful at its stated goal-- namely sucking-- it would have gotten a better score. However, by NOT sucking it gets a WORSE score-- meaning it is more sucky. Thus the author succeeded in making the suckiest scenario ever, by NOT sucking.... Alright I just blew my mind.)

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