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  1. Sounds good... It's a long time now I don't touch the mod, but I remember this behaviour, the discipline replaces the normal attack in many cases (and the tooltip shows no damage if you have 0 in the governing skill), in some others it is applied on top of the normal attack. It's impossible to prevent from performing the discipline if you have enough melee/polearm/missile skills, but the tooltip says if you do damage, if it says nothing, it means you'll waste the attack. For disciplines like sharpshooter spray/blade sweep I think it's better that you just can't perform them (no damage). There was a problem if I used the discipline on top of the normal attack (like the character running towards the target or asking for a target when it shouldn't have had). Just read the tooltip and you know if you'll do damage or not, when in doubt... Thanks for the pointers.
  2. Before playing A2:CS, I'm giving the original a shot. I like it a lot but I was a bit annoyed by some old graphics, so I changed some. Many new graphics come from A2:CS, mostly recoloured and modified to fit the original ones. Mainly: - Interface (a bit cleaner and smoother), Avernum 2 logo on top redone - Intro & main menu screens, plus chapters - Some floor tiles (lava & some paved floors) - Trees and mushrooms - A green table A warning: use only if you don't run A2 in 256 colours, or it may look weird Downloads (extract in your A2 folder and overwrite, make a backup copy of the original folder if you want to revert changes later): Full (with new tiles) Interface only (only interface elements and menu screens) Screenshots and comparisons:
  3. Ok thanks, definitely I'd have to play the game first (and I'd have to buy it first ), in reality I was thinking about the general text file system, between Avadon and EFTP some effects and stats changed their reference numbers but mostly they were the same, so I was hoping they are similar also in A2CS because otherwise it would mean guessing again which effect is which number. Anyway I wasn't really planning to do this soon, to be honest.. probably when I'll buy the game, and I don't know when it will be.
  4. No problem, I didn't really ask you to 'help me out' , mod is more or less finished (could use some weapon balance), I finished it on torment once and just asked for an opinion about difficulty if you tried both vanilla and modded on same difficulty level. Thanks anyway
  5. If the system hasn't changed radically (I'm sure it didn't) it should be possible but I don't have A2:CS... Also it would take some time anyway, and I'd have to play the vanilla game or at least gather info about what's unbalanced and so on, so right now it isn't in the plans.. Did you finish A1 with the mod? Did you play A1 vanilla? If yes to both, how do you think they compare difficulty-wise? Just to know, it could be useful for 'future plans'.. Thanks
  6. Thanks all for the feedback. I couldn't work much on balancing weapons, I just thought that in vanilla 2H was pointless and DW the only way to go, and I wanted to change that. So what would you suggest, reduce 2H power or beef up a bit DW (maybe allowing more weapons to be used as off-hand)? In theory, I think it would be best to use DW for more stat and resistance bonuses, and 2H for raw power.
  7. Ok sorry it would be annoying
  8. Not that you would be able to rotate freely, 180° would be enough, so only two possible views (it wouldn't even need different graphics). Anyway it's not that important, maybe it would be annoying, but it wouldn't damage the immersion I think.
  9. There are 2 mods that solve or change this, Slartibus' remix and mine, you may want to check them out. Slartibus' is better tested I guess, I added some changes (class-based disciplines, no minor heal and worse healing spells, better food, useful for healing at first). Nice points, I'd also add the thing that bothers me the most: in dungeons you can see everything you've discovered, only occasionally you can't see what's around you (Spiral Pit, Erika's Tower...), and this makes also light sources useless. There should be a limited sight range in dungeons, that increases with a light source, in my opinion, like in old Averum. About secret buttons, I think it would be nice if you were able to rotate the isometric view, so that buttons could be placed on all walls and you could still see them. These aren't a big deal, imo. Why should you know in advance if critters are hostile before you get near them, anyway?
  10. Version 2.5 with some fixes Changes in 2.5
  11. Akhari Blaze

    First timer for the Avadon series (few questions)

    If you've got the habit of playing RPGs on the hardest difficulty level, I don't see why you should play it on hard, and maybe repent later. I played it on torment from the start and I won every fight, also killed Redbeard, and one (optional) dragon fight was insanely difficult, but most of the game wasn't, just the right difficulty if you have some RPG experience. Just read some tips for character building (with 4 stats there isn't much room for confusion) and go for torment I'd say... at least you'll have some fun in the tough fights.
  12. Akhari Blaze

    A:EftP - Hawthorn Fight...

    By the way I did it on torment (with my Remix though) without invulnerability potions (I had bladeshield), but it should be doable also in normal game. I reached Hawthorne with teleport spells, resurrecting my fighters when they died along the way, then kept doing some damage to one golem so that Hawthorne shield went down as he healed it. You have to resist just a few rounds, spread your party so that at least one priest isn't hit by the area spells, or only once. Reusurrect and energy elixirs were necessary. The last rounds (when golems go melee) were actually easier. I was level 35 (2 fighter/priests, 1 archer/mage/priest and 1 mage/priest).
  13. Akhari Blaze

    My brother just died

    This kind of things make me hate people and the world. I have some experience of bullies and there should be death penalty for them, they don't deserve to live. If there were a God these things wouldn't happen. And since God doesn't care about justice, people should exact it. They should all die in the most painful and horrible way, in front of their relatives. Speeches and words are useless, bullies will laugh about it because they're still alive and well. Only the hard ways can teach them something... to the rest of them that is.
  14. New (and maybe final) version 2.4. Lots of important changes so I hope there won't be bugs (I didn't see any and I finally finished the game...). I was level 35 when I finished, so I'll maybe see how these changes affect low-level characters. Changes in 2.4
  15. I didn't reduce them, I actually increased the cost for Lightning Spray (was too convenient and almost the only spell a mage needed) and Icy Rain (can be used to 'cheat' hitting enemies you can't see). Circle of Madness doesn't have teleport but it's a good idea since I'm finding it a bit weak right now. In my game I used chainmail for a long while; consider that the highest protection value is the most important, because the system works so that other protection items only use a fraction of their value. Since fighters raise strength naturally, it's usually worth to add some more strength for some more protection, and it's mostly a question of when to allow them to wear the best armors, and to prevent non-fighters from wearing them. I think they're fine as they are right now (one of my fighters has strength 30+bonuses, strong back trait and wears the heaviest possible armor+heavy shield). I don't think it's possible to modify traits, they should be hardcoded, I'm only modifying the text files. And btw 2.3 is already there download link in the first post. PS: bandages are still weak, I'll have to correct them in next version.