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    More than 2 companion?

    Hello everyone. Will there be a tweak to bring more than 2 companion with you? I believe it's not the game engine limitation how many companion you can bring into the wild since in avadon 1 end game you can fight with all of them ( am i right ? ) Thank you very much!
  2. First time A2CS player here. I felt that the vahnatai's land is not interesting and optional .The game gives no clear indicator whether i should clear out vahnatai's land or go back to avernum first. And monster there was quite stronger than what i can handle when i got down there for the first time, so, i worked all the way to pyrog before going to any other place in their land ( i thought that they'd be friendlier if i've returned one of the crystal souls, too ) . So, did i miss something important or interesting? I just feel like i missed something since it's sooo long into the game before getting the first crystal soul
  3. Thanks. I recall Summons used to be soooo strong in AEFTP or A6 when you can summon max 2 creature and they all do like 80% damage my party member does to any single target and absorb most of the damages
  4. Hi guys. After spending a few hour playing A2CS. I feel that sumonning is not worth investing anymore. With Call beast 2 + 2 Summoning Focus, I can only summon 1 creature ( occasionally hellhound (hasted,frenzied) and they only does ~18-30 damage. Isn't it much weaker than the previous game? The summoned creature also doesnt follow and attack enemies even if they are only 5,6 space away when they cant directly see the target Also, I wonder if Summoning Focus help with monsters whose souls i captured?
  5. I've finished solberg's quest to kill the prime sentinel, he gave me the opal bracelet but when i try to leave to the east , those crystal sentinels attack me. Is this normal? Do i have to finish another quest to gain passage through Solberg's land?
  6. Kaka

    A6 - Wearing Item?

    Thanks. I was gonna edit some item's stat and worried if that does cause serious troubles to NPSc Thanks, again
  7. Can anyone please tell me if NPCs in A6 can wear/benefit from equipment or not? Thanks very much!