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  1. i just accepted a bounty quest thinking it was a message (teach me not to read properly). Never heard of what it asks me to kill though - a "Hhortah". where might i find such a mysteriously named beast?
  2. I got the Rat Lord quest before finding the lair, so that one's alright. Next time I'm just going to get all the quests at the job boards as soon as I get there; after all, there seems to be no time limit on any of them, like the job boards from A3 (because I'm probably used to that game the most, I'm slightly biased as for what to expect), or a limit on how many quests you can have at once. I guess I'm only asking because I don't like to have spare quests lying around in the list that I'll never be able to finish. Anyway, I think I've actually run out of things to do in the demo... time to bite the bullet and actually buy it. Only problem is I'm not exactly well-off, but I guess £20 won't harm my bank balance TOO much (Shame about the exchange rate though, it used to be 2:1, now it's like 1.50:1).
  3. The gongs seem to only work once, and if I ring them now, they do nothing. I'll check the special items, but when I talk to the appropriate person afterwards, nothing happens, so I assume that it hasn't actually done it or something.
  4. Hello. I've just started playing A5 a few days ago, and I've got to the end of the demo, just about (think I'll have to buy it now, it's really good...), but anyway, just running into a couple of troubles: first of all, I have a mission to get scuttler eyes, but I've already killed the scuttlers and can't seem to find any – is it the case that I have to get this mission before killing the scuttlers? Secondly, there are a few places where I can't get past rubble or something, but there's clearly something on the other side, like a trapdoor. How do you remove rubble – indeed, can you? I've tried a piercing crystal (as I'm sure I remember that working in A3) but it doesn't do anything. I looked down the list of spells but none of them seem to do that (like there's no Move Mountains spell any more). cheers! :-)
  5. Definitely not working; I do have Metal Lumps, and I have been to Carmine to check if he'll take them or not, and he won't. The conversation option doesn't even show up. Bug?
  6. I found one at an outdoor junk shop... It just always seemed a bit of an odd choice to make you require. I'm sure they were more common in Exile, right?!
  7. Trying to get the L3 spell from northeastern valorim that you need a horn to get; where does one find a horn? They're hardly commonplace items. It seems like an odd thing for you to require...
  8. I think the main difference is that there are now only finite "supplies" of roaches and golems left... and also, I thought destroying the golem factory made all the rest of the golems defunct; is that just wrong? :-\
  9. You have to get to it through the basement of the Golem Factory.
  10. Why can't I buy another sword from Carmine? I remember in Exile 3 buying at least two, and there's the opportunity to get a third if you don't get Beastslayer from Sulfras. In Avernum 3 he lets me buy one but the next time I come back to him the option to get another isn't there any more. Is this a bug? :-\
  11. Only time I ever used it (in the Avernum series) was to fix an accidental click. When I played Exile I used it all the time, though, because I was younger.
  12. Quote: SW's main page: What's Coming? We started working on Avernum 4. Hopefully, we'll have screenshots available in the next few months. I have to agree that I hope it won't be like GF, non-turn-based (although GF is more turn-based than it likes to say), although I would be interested to see that. edit: emoticons....
  13. I prefer BoA really, at least atm. I haven't played BoE in a long time though. Having played BoA it's quite difficult to get back into BoE because I'm so used to the 3D-ness and things like that. Sometimes I press 9 instead of 8 to go north, as well, and similarly indeed in the BoA editor with the 2D-ness. My sister hates BoA, though, cos she's been playing BoE a bit (not as much as me playing A3 and BoA though!). A good point as well; I'm partly so used to it because I recently played through A3 and completed it.... Maybe it's the new feeling of BoA. I do remember finding it sometimes difficult to start a new BoE game, perhaps because there are so many scenarios out there. I don't know. I'm going to shut up now...
  14. Is it not just a source of endless experience? Although you do lose reputation in A3, where you didn't in E3. You can't fly in, and I used that secret passage just to farsight it.
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