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  1. Ok I know its the start of the game, but I have to admit to being a bit stuck. I have explored what I can of the foundry, I have cleared all the Foundry east, which is where I believed the presence was, due to my stone glowing. I killed the Large Fyora controlling the devices, I take it I need to do more than this since my quest hasnt updated. I am a bit lost, anyone push me in the right direction ? Thanks. John.
  2. Agh yes I remember this in Nethergate. Thanks. J.
  3. Thanks Thuryl, thats what I needed. Also I notice I cant actually use my Battle shaping yet, despite having good points in it, does this come as I play ? John.
  4. Hi I have played Avernum and Nethergate a little, but never Geneforge. I Cant decide between a Lifecrafter and a Shaper. Anyone offer me advice, on the two and any ideas on builds for these 2 ? Thanks. John. P.S The Game looks great well done Jeff & Co.
  5. Party creation question Is Endurance worth bothering with ? is so what level would you recommend at the start John.
  6. Fantastic news. I downloaded it and reached for my credit card before I even played the Demo. Great job all at Spiderweb. John May.
  7. Anyone point me in a direction to Learn Lock pick, or is it called use tools ? for the Celts ? Thanks. John.
  8. Hi, im fairly new to Nethergate, but love the game. when I goto speak to cartunmnus I 'accidently' picked up a nice spear and some shields, that didnt belong to me. It said my crime was seen... but nothing happened, havnt been arrested or expelled or anything :-) will there be some consequence for stealing ? Thanks. John.
  9. Hmm I downloaded some fonts very like the ones in the Game, and they are nice, but just too big. My rule books go up ten pages in size. Never mind nice idea....
  10. The font used in much of Nethergate I love, I wouldnt mind it in my game. :-) its it a generic Mac font ? or have Spiderweb had this done special ? thanks John.
  11. I just took a look at this game tonight. Having played lots of RPG games for over 20 years, mainly old school games, and lots of rogue-like games, I.E Rogue Angband, Zangband, Adom, Nethack etc I quite like it, I love the Music, the quirky Pencil art whilst not the best has a very good style and works well. The game looks Very detailed which I like, but the overhead Isometric view is rather weak. Both graphically and functionality, but I am old school like I say I can live with this, I know I am prob asking the converted here but is it worth registering ? my initial feeling says so. Is the hint book worth getting ? I normally like to try and find stuff out myself, Oh well back to roll another party after my first was set upon by some Hungry wolves. Squiggy.
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