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  1. https://lparchive.org/Exile-Escape-from-the-Pit/Update 04/ there's a kind of "let's play" website with the dialogues done in an interesting way, but there's only the same reference the game provides you about "she sings you a song about life in the caves and missing the sun"
  2. hey! this is my second replay of A6, and therefore i can honestly say it is definitively not my favorite one... the thing i hated the most is the infinite sliths at formello, is there something more annoying than that? i don't think i'll be playing them again! but still, i can provide you with the savegames you asked, no problem! tell me where can i send them to you, please can't say the same about Avernum 2 (not the remake, the original one)... it's by far my favorite! such a compelling story... the empire strikes back, and you are the one that defeats the invasion, isn't that awesome? i must have replayed it like 10 times by now? what about Avernum 3 (original)? the speed on that one got to be the thing i liked the most... those lightning sprays BRRWWAAAM, in 0.2 seconds all the enemies fried, very fast special effects! and riding horses, isn't that awesome?
  3. indeed, as you say, yeah i asked him after i did the farrar quest (remember i killed the loyalists before meeting mel for the 1st time) to make good on his end of the deal, THEN i went to finish the scourge lair quest. maybe as you say it changed a bit of SDF's (does that even exists in this game?) and probably it's the reason that i killed him, but didn't "die" properly and sure thing, i have some saves which are: - no quests whatsoever done for gladwell (not even the fort remote shades one), 2/4 quests done for mel and "complete the portal" quest - all quests done for gladwell, and then he's dead (2/4 done for mel and "complete the portal" quests which means mel agreed to make good on his end of the deal) - all quests done for gladwell, and he's alive (2/4 done for mel and "complete the portal" quest) - all quests done for gladwell, he's alive, and scourge is dead (which is the one i'm playing on now) ("complete the portal" quest as well) sadly i don't have any saves without the "complete the portal" quest if that is what you were asking for. would you want me to go to mel's lair and kill him and have a savegame with that? best regards and as always you're very kind and helpful in your way of answering
  4. i love your style of answering; i've seen it in other topics and it's just..... very helpful and nice to read! thanks for that firstly, melanchion quests: 1- kill the darkside loyalists: i killed them already before even talking to melanchion 2- then i killed farrar without anyone even raising an alarm, i'm so proud (bargha is still friendly to me hehehe) 3- i left tenevra unsacked, as palom is supplying me with knowledge brews, why on earth would i destroy it? 4- i was in the process of killing the scourge leaders when all of what i described before happened so that makes 2/4 quests for mel done secondly, when i returned to melanchion's lair, not only was he alive but very friendly!
  5. curious thing that there's even a dialogue at the scourge lair gates when i attack melanchion, he says something about how stupid my party is for thinking of betrayal..... and theres dialogue when he dies as well, something about the loss of blood... i'll check later if its the same dialogue when i attack him in the lair
  6. remember that part where he appears to melt the scourge gates? well i thought it was an excellent chance to kill him, so i did... now i went back to refuge and to his lair and he's still alive?!! how can that ever happen
  7. sorry for the topic revival, but im kinda interested on... whats the particular effect of releasing these ghosts? do they actually go somewhere we know?
  8. in the same topic of the MURIDAE infernal, it dropped a molten halber. i was using the spear of the fen (11-33, 10% acid resistance, +3 defense, +1 riposte) since i decided that evasion stuff (defense, parry, reposting) is more benefitial than, say, more damaging spears like the bloodthirsty spear, to evade them horde attacks, but the molten halberd is 12-48 (better dmg) and +2 to quick strike. Well thats awesome because bonus action points!!!! thats the thing i value the most, hence why i stick to "Mercurial" and "Quicksilver" stuff id like to ask ppl around here, what do you think? Spear of the fen or molten halberd? ps1. The prices are sorta.. weird sometimes? Molten is 1000, spear is 3000... or the Flowing silk cloak (10% armor, +1 parry, +1 quick strike) vs the infernal shroud (cant remember since i sold it but it was 5000 the price i think) and the flowing silk cloak is 800!!! so cheap? maybe Jeff was drinking the blighted mushroom wine when assigning certain prices! 😃 j/k
  9. just the MURIDAE word thing made me laugh out loud, but the fact that it summons unstable rats AND attacks them, its just genius (lucky me was away from the demon) ahhh, many thanks for the laughs, Jeff Vogel
  10. definitevely go finish the series if you havent before. it might be a bit shocking since the engine varies a little, and the traveling through cities... well you will find by yourself; if you liked the story so far then try 4-6 to see what happens after you defeat rentar ihrno! ....Don't you dare trifle with Avernum
  11. just realized that i posted this in the wrong forum! it was meant to go in the "second avernum trilogy" i blame blighted mushroom wine...
  12. Annotated maps are a staple of my gameplay. Today I found out that they are down! No site loading... So sad
  13. aight, i guess it's the most effective damage reducer by the level i currently am (by silvar, clearing the abyss now)
  14. oh yeah, it was that "nice" woman, thanks!! do you think it's worth investing in it? i think maybe when i get to the slith scourge, tons of physical damage...
  15. I want to buy parry as its pretty good for evading attacks (missile, physical, magical missiles) but i can't seem to find how to train it (note i've already trained with taddeo, the QUARANTINED GUY who needs wine to lift his spirit) and i already bought 3 dex and 5 def, so please would you help me
  16. before the delivery to honeycomb quest, there was a dialogue option to attack her right away, now it disappeared. thanks for the answer!
  17. well, in silvar this Xylia gave me the package for Honeycomb. i delivered it, and i wanted to kill xylia as the purveyor of foul poison she is. but no dialogue option to kill her, had to kill her the old fashioned way, fortunately no hostile town after that is there any quest to kill her?
  18. why, thank you! i was lucky that the memorial grounds are really close to the food depot, imagine if that happened somewhere else very far from there!
  19. Ok so i am in the memorial grounds, where there's a TU 12 (iirc) door in the southernmost building, where theres an acolyte with some ghasts. Of course i got down there carelessly and first thing that happens is the acolyte firing me a magic beam (the one that does TWAAAANG) and i realize that i have to get out of there, heal at the portal keep and go there again. To assist my escape i summoned a spirit to block the ghasts. Now i got down there and guess what? the "Loading" screen with the slithzerikai picture appears, and i'm back at the castle food depot! i went to the same building again and no problem, i can beat them. but is is possible that i couldn't have room to get down there and the game kinda "reset" whatever happened there? is it a normal game reaction?
  20. https://youtu.be/VZfHHVSy5R0 here you can hear around 0:20 the "Oooohh!"s - the sfx i told you about. its interesting to note that the game uses some sort of auto pitch-shift, probably to not bore too much the player lol
  21. thanks for the reply 😊 i dont know the game you described, but yeah! its amazing how some sounds are connected! just found out that the doom 64 port "pick up item" sound is the same of Starcraft's "click on menu" sound! isnt that amazing?
  22. the sound of a human dying is the same sound of a enemy dying in snes version wolfenstein 3d!! so amused at this have you heard sounds from other games in avernum??
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